6 Steps to Launch Your Job Search

Steps to Launch Your Job SearchDon’t know where to begin? Are you disheartened at the thought of even applying? Here’s how to get started and get your career going.

Without a doubt, beginning a job search and creating a resume can be overwhelming. It’s normal to find it difficult to break down the process into manageable parts. But you can use these tips to help:

List the Elements

Know what information you’ll need to create a resume draft. List everything you know, everything you think you know and everything you feel you need to learn to get your next job.

Be honest with yourself and engage in some self-analysis. Doing this helps you determine what kinds of jobs will suit you best. (There’s no need to share this process with potential employers in your resume or during an interview.)


Devote at least a few hours a week to closing key knowledge gaps. You can create a plan and meet goals daily in order to make the most productive use of your time.

During your research process, ask questions of people working in the same field you’re interested in, whether you know them personally or you connect with them via social networks. Research companies using the Internet and library resources.

Revisit Your List

When you’ve gained new information, create a new list — what you’ve learned about companies you’re interested in, and what skills you’ve acquired. Keep talking to people. Keep track of everyone you speak to and their contact information in case you want to return the favor for any help they’ve provided, and just to keep in touch.

Choose Your Targets

Target a couple of industries, organizations and roles. Don’t make your targets too narrow. Pick 2-3 industries and roles that interest you and focus on them. Now you can evaluate which employers meet your criteria.

You can learn more about specific jobs and roles by looking into different industry association websites. You can also find out who is hiring and what career paths look like.

Build Your Personal Visibility

Develop your personal brand by getting your digital profile and draft applications in order. Read all you can about what interests you to start preparing for interviews.

Be visible online by updating your LinkedIn profile with your updated resume and new skill set. Be consistent with all your profiles. Start drafting a cover letter for each role you are applying for.

Just Start

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do something worthwhile today rather than simply wait for something to happen. Set goals for yourself weekly and designate time to seek out jobs. You can create your own process, as long as you reap great results from it. If you sense something isn’t working, make adjustments as needed.

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