4 Things You Need to Remember about Employment Recruiters

RecruitersFinding a job is not an easy task, and a typical job search can last anywhere from several weeks to a few months or longer. During this time, many applicants will feel desperate to find a solution. Some might turn to an employment recruiter for help.

The common belief among applicants is that when you use a recruiter, job opportunities will immediately come knocking at your doorstep—a notion that only brings false hope because this is not how a recruiter works. Here are some things you need to know about what recruiters can—and cannot—do for you.

You need to work with the recruiter – Generally, when you get in touch with a recruiter, the first thing you need to remember is that they do not work for you. They work for the client companies who have requested their services in order to look for people who meet their requirements.

Just because you had a chance to talk to the recruiter about a possible fit does not mean that you should cease your job search efforts. If you have the right set of skills and experiences that the company is looking for, they’ll work with you through the process, but this doesn’t guarantee you the job.

Career changers are not a recruiter’s best friend – When recruiters look for people for their client companies, career changers are not at the top of their list. Typically when companies go to recruiters, they want people who can make an immediate impact.

Recruiters have a job to do – When working with a recruiter, it’s not appropriate for you to expect help with writing a resume or to seek individual advice about the job. Why? There is only so much they can handle, and expecting them to help you every step of the way would be unreasonable.

Be honest about it – Sure, you might be desperately in need of a job, but you shouldn’t lie about what you can and can’t do. If you have concerns about the job, let the recruiter know right at the start. If you end being hired and are soon fired, you lost an opportunity not just with the employer but also with the recruiter, because it’s the recruiter’s responsibility to get someone who is capable.

Recruiters are there to help you with your job search, but they shouldn’t be your only option in your quest to get a job. There’s an old saying: “Two heads are better than one.” Keep this in mind the next time you’re thinking about working with an employment recruiter.

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Alan Carniol

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