4 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Cover Letter

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Cover Letter 1Part of applying for a job is furnishing a cover letter alongside your resume. Cover letters are more than just formality. They are meant to help job candidates showcase the reasons why they are the right fit for the position. It provides you an opportunity to make the right first impression, explain how you’re a culture fit for the company and how you can provide value to the company.


Sadly, not everyone has paid enough attention to writing their cover letters. And when you write a cover letter, be sure you’re not doing it for the sake of compliance. A well-drafted cover letter can go a long way and can make all the difference - just like your resume. Be sure to avoid these tops when writing your cover letter.

Not customizing your cover letter
Similar to resumes, cover letters have to be customized and tailored according to the needs of the company you’re applying for. You can’t simply express your enthusiasm about the organization and the position without telling why or what it’s about them that captured your interest. Your cover letter is a venue for sharing how you came to know about the company and what you admire about them. At the same time, you also have to indicate how your passion, knowledge and skills would help the organization achieve their goals.

Not being detailed
Some areas in your resume may need more specific details and if the hiring manager fails to get the information they want, chances are, they’ll move on to the next candidate. If your resume, for instance, states that there is a one year gap between your previous job and the current one, you may want to consider leveraging your cover letter to explain why. It could be that you’ve taken training or a certification for a year to sharpen your axe. The point is you don’t want to leave questions unanswered. You don’t need to over explain or give away too much information but be sure to cover all the critical points.

Typos and grammatical errors
Your resume and cover letter are a reflection of the kind of person you are professionally. And the last thing you want is to make a bad impression and blow your chances of landing a job only because you failed to proofread your cover letter. Be wary of typos and grammatical errors. Read it thoroughly multiple times if you have to.

Sharing too much information
While you want to make sure all the pertinent details are included in your resume, you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Hiring managers don’t have all the time in the world to read extremely lengthy cover letters. Try to fit it in one page if possible. Keep it short and substantial.

Just like your resume, your cover letter can make or break your chances of landing your dream job. Be sure it works in your favor by steering clear of these mistakes!


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