3 Ways to Stay Positive During a Job Search

3 Ways to Stay Positive During a Job SearchIt’s a bitter pill to swallow but we know that the job search journey isn’t the same for everyone. Some are lucky to find a job after the first try while it takes a handful of applications and attempts for others. And if you’ve been job hunting for a while now and still haven’t been lucky, you’d agree how it can be frustrating and soul-crushing. There are several moments where you probably find yourself on the verge of giving up and stop trying.

Indeed, it’s extremely challenging to stay motivated when you’ve already gone at great lengths to find a job and end up failing each time. But it’s not a reason to quit. The right and perfect job is still out there waiting for you. And while you’re working your way to finding it, here are some tips you might find useful for staying positive during a job search.


Look for things that keep you excited
While it’s important to dedicate ample time for your job search, it’s equally important to not forget about the things that make you happy and excited. What are the things that make you feel thrilled and stoked? What are your hobbies and interests? The things that inspire you and make you feel good?

Be sure to carve out time for the things, too. Enjoy and have fun. Doing the things you love can help take your mind off the negative stuff and achieve a better balance between job search and your personal life.

Establish a routine and stick to it
Well-established routines are as effective for adults as they are for kids. Routines can help stabilize your mental wellbeing, reduce anxiety and alleviate stress.

Make it a point to settle into a daily routine you’ll be comfortable with. This means that you should try to follow a consistent sequence of activities in your daily life. Set a specific time for waking up each morning and having breakfast, for example. If you want to follow it with any workout activity like a quick run, then have it squeezed into your routine, too. Anything that will help you achieve consistency will surely help!

Surround yourself with positivity
It is perfectly okay to feel down at times. It is okay to take your time to feel bad and embrace the negative emotions. But what’s not okay is that you let these feelings get the better of you. While you don’t have control over the circumstances that are happening in your life, you can control how you respond to them. So, instead of wallowing in misery for a long time, it would help if you pick yourself up and surround yourself with positivity and positive people. Whether it’s your friends, family, colleagues, or mentors, it’s important to keep these positive influences in your life because they are the ones that will help keep your life on track.

It is utterly difficult to stay motivated during a frustrating job search but these tips should be in handy in helping you keep your optimism as you work towards landing your dream career!

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