Interviewing for a Low-Paying Job

Low-Paying Job Offer

In a tough economy, there are limited options for job seekers. After you’ve been out of a job for a while, your savings are almost gone and bills are piling up. It seems like the best option you have is to interview for a low-paying job. So, what do you do?


Here are options you can take:

Decline the offer

There are several things that can happen if you turn down a low-paying job offer. In the best-case scenario, they really like you and want to have you on board, so they make a higher offer. Alternatively, they might move on and continue interviewing people to find someone who is willing to accept the offer. Declining the initial offer is a good option if you are willing to risk rejection and have other options available to you.

Go through the process

Any interview is a good thing; it can help you gain valuable interview experience that you can use when applying for a job that you really want. Besides, if you do well in the interview, you may even be able to get them to re-evaluate the offer.

Take the offer

This is an option that isn’t something you should do unless you are in a bind. You can use the job to stay afloat and keep you stable, at least until you can find a better-paying job.

Working for a low-paying job is a tough decision. You definitely need to evaluate your current situation. Accepting a low-paying job offer may help you, but it also can hurt you when trying to find better-paying jobs. It will be hard to convince other employers to give you a better offer than what you have.

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Alan Carniol

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