4 Mistakes to Get a Resume Sent Straight to a Shredder

resume mistakesA lot of times we want to know what to do to get a job. Right now, however, let’s talk about what we do to NOT get a job.

Most often, we  focus on the major points in preparing our resume; for this reason, we neglect the minor things that people do to get their resume sent straight to the shredder.

Typos and Spelling Errors

Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that you can be lazy and neglect to take the time to review your resume for typos or spelling mistakes. It is especially egregious if you write something like, “atention to dettail.” It just shows laziness or lack of concern about the impression you’re making. An error-free resume will demonstrate intelligence and professionalism , and will set you apart as someone who can represent the company well.

Submitting an Incomplete Application

Most applicants claim that they pay attention to detail but fail to live up to this claim when they submit an incomplete application. It is important to read and follow an employer’s instructions on an application. Failing to do so will waste all of your effort in presenting yourself as a good employee.

Unprofessional E-mail Address

Growing up, you only needed one e-mail address. Years later, perhaps you thought that it wouldn’t matter if you gave This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as your e-mail address. Think about it: Do you think an employer will take you seriously if he or she sees this e-mail address? You need to create an e-mail address with your full name, which you will specifically use for resumes and job applications.

Buzzword Overload

Yes, you want your resume to stand out, but putting in too many buzzwords won’t help your cause. Buzzwords are generally meaningless in a resume. Putting phrases “team player,” “proven track record,” or “result-oriented” doesn’t prove anything. Don’t just be “all talk”; show them that you’re the right candidate for the job.

If you don’t want your resume going straight to the shredder, watch out for these four mistakes. A little bit of effort can help keep your resume be shred-free!

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Alan Carniol

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