Jul, 2012

Dilemma on Short-Term Jobs in Resumes

Resume Writing DilemmaIn a perfect world, every citizen would be holding a permanent position with one or two employers until his or her retirement. In reality, the economy is unstable and companies often lay off good employees simply for financial reasons.

In a time when many are laid off and are struggling financially, it is understandable to see people accepting jobs just to keep a roof over their heads.

So now, you find an opening that feels like the perfect opportunity for a permanent position. You’ve had several short-term gigs. The question is: Do you put them in your resume?

The usual answer is: It depends.

In considering whether to put your short-term stints in your resume, you want to consider the nature of the job. Was it designed to be short-term? Were you fired, or did you on good terms?

If the job was designed to be short—as with, for example, a website design job or a marketing campaign lasting only several weeks—then the answer is easy. You put a section on your resume in where you compile all of your contractual or freelance jobs in which you can highlight your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Another consideration of putting short-term jobs in your resume is, is it relevant? If the job is not relevant to the position you are applying, for it is best to leave it off. You need to think about whether you could use the skills and experiences of the short-term job in your desired position.

Everyone wants to avoid being labeled as a job hopper. But in reality, when everyone is struggling, there are times when you are forced to accept these short-term jobs in order to fulfill your financial responsibilities. In this scenario, your best bet would be to be honest.

Hiring managers are trained to understand and screen the best applicants. They know when someone is hiding something and when someone is being honest. What you need to remember is that they are people, too, and they understand your circumstances.

In general, this is a case-by-case situation. There are industries in which employers would not mind short-term gigs, while employers in other industries would take issue with it. What is most important, however, is whether the job helps demonstrate your skills and accomplishments. In writing a resume, the goal is to present yourself as the best, and if the experiences you gained from those short-term jobs help you be that person, then you have the answer.

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