Interview Question: “Why do you think you would do well in this job?”

Why do you think you would do well in this jobDon’t use this question as a chance to brag about your skills. Instead, prepare for this question by analyzing your skills and strengths and how they match up with what the company needs.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t tell the interviewer how you’re going to end up running the company. Don’t say how excellent you are as a candidate. You have to let your skills and background speak for themselves.

You need to back your skills with evidence and relate them to the role you’re seeking. Share your past experiences that will help recruiters focus on what you have to offer.

What They Really Mean

When you are asked this question, this is a chance for you to match your strengths to the qualities needed to do the job. Know what the employer really wants, and evaluate how you fit the position you are applying for. You’ll need self-awareness and analytical ability.


Find out more about the job, and refer to the competencies in the job description. If you think you have the skills and the experience required, provide evidence and results that will convince the interviewer.

That is why it is important to study a job description before applying for the position available. When you’re prepared, you can use the interview as an opportunity to sell yourself, without having to brag about your talents. If you have multiple skills, you can focus on what the company really needs.

Prepare according to what is required for the job; talk to people in the industry, or even people on the inside to get an idea of what it’s like working in the field. As you gain more knowledge and information about the position, you’ll grow more confident.

You can’t always rely on your resume to speak for you. You have to bring all your accomplishments together, along with your credentials, on paper as well as during the interview. When you’re fully prepared, and when you’re familiar with the job, the company, and what you want, you’ll make yourself an irresistible candidate.

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