Job Interview Preparation Tips – Know What to Do

Job Interview Preparation Without a doubt, preparing for a job interview is a must. Preparation keeps nerves from overtaking you while you’re waiting to be called in. Knowing how to prepare for an interview ahead of time can help boost your confidence and give you that positive vibe once you enter the room. Here are some tips to help you get through the interview and land that job you’ve always wanted.

Know the interview location ahead of time. If you are not that familiar with the office you’re going to, make sure to check where the office is situated. Knowing where the office is located and the best place to park will lessen your anxiety. Observe the traffic in the area to avoid any other unwanted surprises. Getting lost and running late on the day of your interview may ruin your chances of getting hired.

Prepare and fit your outfit. It’s important to try on the outfit you’ve chosen at least one day before the interview. Doing this gives you enough time to fix whatever needs to be adjusted, or perhaps pick something different if you think the outfit doesn’t really suit you. Check if your stockings have a run in them, or make sure your pants aren’t too loose and baggy.

Know something about the employer. You can get more information by checking their website. This will give you an idea about the company’s background, general approach and its clients all at the same time. Knowing something about the company that is interested in hiring you will give you an advantage above other applicants. This will give you more confidence when answering any questions related to the company.

Know your network. You can check LinkedIn to learn more about the employer. Perhaps an old colleague or acquaintance worked in the company years ago. You can find out more about the company by asking him or her questions to get to know the key players and gain additional insight on the company.

Study the job description. If possible, read and review the job description repeatedly to fully understand what you’re getting into. Not scrutinizing the job description can cause you to miss crucial messages that may be there between the lines. Careful review helps you decide if you’re actually up to the challenge once you accept the job. Think through your past experiences to know if you’ll truly excel in the job.

Practice. Answering practice interview questions will help you loosen up during the official interview. (There is no such thing as too much practice.) Use a pen and paper to answer the questions, and try practicing aloud once you’re ready. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Find out what you’re most nervous about. If you think you may face a specific question that you hope won’t come up during the interview, do something about it. Ask yourself how you would like to answer the question, and practice. Repeat your answer over and over until you feel comfortable with it.

Think of questions of your own. Prepare to ask some questions at the end of the interview. Don’t hesitate to do so — you have the right to make some clarifications. For example, you can ask some open-ended questions about the office culture, or ask when the employer will most likely get back to you.

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