Interview Question: How did you hear about the position?

Basic Interview QuestionEvery time you go for an interview, it’s intimidating to know that a lot of applicants are waiting in line for the same position you are applying for. Do you wonder how these people heard of the job opening?

When answering this question, take the opportunity to stand out and show your passion for and connection to the company. If you found out about the opening through a friend or a professional contact, don’t hesitate to drop the name. Back it up by stating why you were so excited about the job opening. Perhaps you’ve wanted to work for the company for a long time.

If you learned about the company through an event or article, feel free to tell the recruiter. Doing this gives the recruiter an idea how much effort you exerted in learning the company’s background before you went in.

If you learned about the listing through a job board, newspaper or online ad, don’t hold back. Share what caught your eye about the role and why you think you fit the job.

Your answer to this question gives the recruiter an idea whether you are an active or passive job seeker. Here are some tips on how to ace this question without dealing with butterflies:

Relax. This question is supposed to relax you since it doesn’t require much analysis. Answer in a conversational tone to lighten things up.

Be confident. If the recruiter thinks you’re not confident in answering a no-brainer question, then it’ll be easy for him to conclude that you’re not fit for the job at all. Since this question is usually asked at the beginning, strive to make a positive first impression.

Be concise. This question is not as important as the rest. There is no need to give a lengthy answer. As long as you are able to explain clearly, then you’re good to move to the next question.

Name your referrer. This is applicable only if you can drop the name of the person who provided you the job lead. Doing this lets the recruiter know how well connected you are and if your network will be of use to the company.

Whatever happens, don’t attempt to make something up when answering this question. Make sure you’ve had time to prepare and that you can anticipate certain questions.

Let this question help you develop a rapport with the recruiter so that the rest of the interview goes just as smoothly.

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Alan Carniol

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