May, 2015

4 Interview Mistakes Every Candidate Should Avoid

4 Interview Mistakes Every Candidate Should AvoidBefore even saying yes to the next job offer, make sure you have spent an ample amount of time preparing for the responsibilities that go with it. If you haven’t, you might be spending a whole lot of time working in a stressful environment you didn’t expect.

For a satisfying career, here are four job interview errors in judgment to watch out for:

Focusing on experience rather than benefits. If you think you have enough experience to take on the job, great. However, employers are more intrigued to know whether your skills will benefit the company. If you have the right skills, there’s a greater chance that you may win the job over other candidates.

To put it simply, having experience is not enough to convince an employer that you’re fit for the job. Know how to communicate that you will be an asset to the company.

Accepting a job offer without meeting your manager. Always make it a point to meet your future boss before accepting the job offer. No matter how badly you need a job, meeting your superior is a must.

You can get to know your manager by asking questions to help you determine if your work styles and philosophies are compatible. Is he or she someone you can look up to as a mentor?

If not, feel free to pass on the job and look for a position where your manager will be a good boss and provide the positive influence you’re looking for.

Assuming that the salary offer is all-or-nothing. You can always negotiate if you’re offered a lowball salary. It’s better to negotiate and reveal how much salary you expect than to work for a company feeling like you’ve been exploited after accepting low pay.

There’s nothing wrong with saying how much salary you are expecting. A job interview and offer doesn’t mean you have to agree with what the employer proposes.

Failing to use your leverage. Realize that there are two needy parties in a job interview. Don’t give up all your power the moment you’re offered the job. You can always use the balance of power between you and your employer before accepting the job offer. Make a counteroffer before saying “yes.”

Keep these tips in mind to help you win the right job.

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