Mar, 2016

Boost your Corporate Job Interview with Seasonal Retail Experience

Boost your Corporate Job Interview with Seasonal Retail ExperienceKnow how to relate your part-time job to your potential employer to keep them from worrying about your commitment to your career path.

Have you taken retail gigs in the past to make extra money? Believe it or not, the skills you learned can help you ace that next job interview. Here are some tips:

1. Meeting the customer’s needs. Since you’ve worked in the retail industry, you should be aware of your responsibilities when it comes to serving the customer. This includes greeting the customer and communicating effectively with them in order to sell more products.

During the interview, you should also have the same approach. Think of your employer as the customer. Your answers should meet the company’s needs as much as possible.

Keep in mind that it’s always about them. Know what your employers really need and tailor your responses accordingly.

2. Being of service. Asking, “How may I help you?” is the first line in demonstrating great customer service. You can use your communication skills to ask the employer how you can be of help to meet their goals. Doing this shows how focused you are in meeting the company’s needs. And if you get the job, don’t hesitate to ask the same question when starting future conversations.

3. Encountering a challenge. You’ve probably had experience with difficult customers. How did you respond to them? If you were able to create positive outcomes, let the interviewer know.

4. Wearing many hats. Juggling several tasks at work can be taxing. However, choose to see this as a great advantage — It will help prove your value.

Grab a pen and paper and take down notes on how you were able to remain focused, grounded and pleasant every time you were faced with a difficult customer or problem. This will help you sell yourself even more.

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