Jul, 2018

Woman Leaves Job Interview - Walks to Her Car, and Cries

Woman Leaves Job Interview Walks to Her Car and CriesMaybe you can relate to Nicholla's story -- especially if you've walked out of more interviews than you care to remember, feeling discouraged or crushed:





It is my pleasure to be able to speak on the Interview Success Formula program.

I am excited to say that even after having just a short window to get ready for my interview, this program is so well structured and resourceful that I was able to quickly prepare and I was hired for the job last Friday.

As a matter of fact, the interviewing company said that they've been looking to fill this position since September and I was their best candidate thus far. Not only were they happy with me, but I was also very happy with them.

The interview by far was NOT easy!! It was a panel interview with about 4 pages FULL of detailed questions.

However, I stayed focused and remained consistent with my responses, alternating them slightly for different questions.

They were pleased with my responses and the fact that I had researched information on their organization. Likewise, they were also happy about my follow-up questions.

I must say that after going on numerous interviews and walking out feeling discouraged so many times, I left this specific interview feeling so confident and successful that I cried in my car. I highly recommend this program.

It is so simple and clearly laid out. Interview Success Formula is well worth the investment and I am truly happy with my results. Thank you again ISF!!

Why am I sharing this story with you today?
For two reasons:
First, maybe you're on the fence about investing in Interview Success Formula, but something's holding you back and you need a gentle push to make the leap of faith and master this vital skillset.
Second, I know there are many people reading this right now who are walking in Nicholla's old shoes -- they're sick of walking away from promising job interviews feeling like they've "blown yet another one", and wondering if they'll ever work again. If that describes you, then I hope Nicholla's story has inspired you and given you that shot of optimism in the arm you need.
Because you can get back on track with your career.
And -- if you're willing to master the interview game and learn how to give interviewers the answers they're looking for and win your dream job -- then you too can be crying in your car (out of delight) in a few weeks' time.

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Alan Carniol

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