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Job Search Resources: The Ultimate List

Ultimate Job Search Resource List

We all know the job search can be a difficult process. However, with tons of resources out there, preparing, applying, interviewing, and then landing a job just got a little easier.

After scouring the Web for the best job search resources -- and some up and coming niche players --  we came up with a definitive list that can help any job seeker to land their dream opportunity. Check it out below:

Top 15 Job Search Resources - Big Players

Job Search Research

1. About.com Career Planning has lots of content, advice, and input on career career exploration, the job search, and of course, how to plan your way to success. There are also sections specific for age groups, including kids and teens and Gen Y .

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2. Monster Career Advice covers resources for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, salaries, and more. Monster also has many sub-categories of information, such as following up and work-life balance.

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Prep Tools

3. CareerBuilder assists job seekers with pre-job search prep, including career tests, skills training, as well as helpful job seeker advice blog.

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4. Myers-Briggs (MBTI) is one of the top-rated assessments aimed at giving you insight on your personality and your career.

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5. Keirsey Temperament Sorter is another assessment tool that helps you discover what type of temperament you have, while giving you insight on whether you’re an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist.

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6. Personal Branding Blog focuses on prepping your online brand, from your personal to your student. The site also has multiple posts a day and has a special blog for students.

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The Application Process

7. AOL Jobs has resume and cover letter advice, including real examples, tips, and a special section for new grads.

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Presenting Yourself

8. Glassdoor Blog is a resource that illustrates some interview preparation best practices. Among others, the most popular articles on the blog include the “Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions For 2013” and “Most Common Interview Questions.”

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9. U.S. News: On Careers provides job seekers with some great video interview advice, including tips to ace the interview, what not to do, and how to master a one-way interview.

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10. Forbes Careers is a resource that provides great in-person career advice. There are a variety of contributors on a daily basis, and articles range from acing your job interview to the most outrageous job interview advice.

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11. SnagAJob gives job seekers some insight on panel and job interview situations, such as how to stand out and how to be assertive in the right way.

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12. Business Insider Careers has some great articles on phone interviews. Advice includes exercising your voice, listening to talk radio in order to perfect a professional conversation, and avoiding mirrors during the interview.

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Post-Job Interview Advice

13. Examiner provides some great thank you note etiquette advice, including some best practices on how to write thank you notes for every interview situation.

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14. Harvard Business Review fills job seekers in on salary negotiation. Articles range from negotiation to how our conception of pay has changed.

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15. Salary.com is more than just a salary website. It helps job seekers to understand benefits, how to negotiate effectively, and illustrates some common benefit myths

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Top 15 Niche Job Search Resources

1. AfterCollege.com assists job seekers to find their first job or internship with after college, targeting up-and-coming and recent grads. Targets: Recent grads

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2. Enternships is a resource that connects job seekers with internships and entry-level jobs in entrepreneurial businesses. Targets: Students and recent graduates

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3. JobCompass is an iPhone app that searches for open positions near your home, within a five-mile radius. JobCompass also searches more than two million listings to help find the job you're looking for. Perk: It's free in the iTunes store.

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4. JobMo is an app that allows users to search for listings around the globe using Google Maps. Perk: It’s free on iTunes and Google Play.

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5. JobsOver50 is an employment service for baby boomers and retirees, focusing on the needs of those who are 50 and older. Perk: Users are verified by their school or alma mater, giving them credibility.

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6. BeKnown is a professional network on Facebook where users can make and use their connections to help find jobs. Perk: Backed by Monster, users can share their Monster profile with employers to showcase their achievements and keep track of network connections.

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7. Career Girl Network provides information and resources to women, giving them opportunity to build a network invested in their success. Targets: All women

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8. Doostang is an exclusive career community for young professionals. Targets: Elite young professionals with outstanding backgrounds looking to advance their careers

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9. FlexJobs is a unique resource for those seeking flexible positions. Targets: Job seekers who want part-time, flex time, and freelance jobs or positions where they can telecommute

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10. StartUpHire is a tool that provides listings of startup career opportunities. It includes thousands of jobs at venture capital-backed companies nationwide. Targets: Talent who want to work with with innovative, high-growth companies

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11. VetJobs is a great resource for transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans who want to find jobs after their service. Targets: All members of "The United States Military Family"

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12. Catchafire matches professionals who want to give their skills to nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help. Perk: Matches professionals and organizations based on a variety of characteristics such as skills, cause interests, and time availability.

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13. SpringTern helps students get the experience they need to land the right jobs, such as opportunities to complete short-term work projects for companies of all shapes and sizes. Targets: College students and recent graduates

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14. Careers in Government matches job seekers with careers in the government and the public sector. Perk: Includes resources such as a basic salary calculator.

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15. FreshTransition is an app for career changers that allows users to keep track of the jobs they are targeting. Perk: Has a community of career experts who help with expertise on career planning, transition, personal branding, resumes, cover letters, networking, social media and more.

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Congrats to everyone who made the career and job search resource list!

What do you think? What are some job search resources that we missed?

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