Aug, 2018

Why I Let Myself Get Scammed by a Shady Car Dealership

Why I Let Myself Get Scammed by a Shady Car DealershipInvestors sometimes talk about "lottery tickets".
"Lottery tickets" are small investments that will almost certainly won’t pay off, but cost practically nothing, and, if they do pay off, they pay off in a big way. For that reason, they’re worth the tiny risk.
Case in point:

Last week, a local car dealership sent me a letter (advertisement) with one of those scratch-off raffle tickets that says you could win either $XXX towards your next car or even a new TV set.
Well, I couldn’t resist. So I scratched the ticket, expecting to see the “discount” – but to my surprise, I “won” a new TV. I only had to stop by the car dealership and talk to their staff, and the TV was mine.
Typically, I would have thrown the ticket in the trash. But my brother is moving to a home in our area, and I thought a brand-new TV would make a great housewarming gift.
Plus, I drive past the dealership a lot, so I figured I’d drop by some time and see if I really won a TV – since it wouldn't cost me anything to find out.
Well, a few days later, when I was driving to pick up dinner, I pulled up and walked in. While I was waiting in line, I could see another gentleman was holding the exact same ticket – he’d also “won” a brand-new TV set.
He and I looked at each other, looked at the tickets, and back at each other again. Then we simultaneously burst out laughing, turned around, and left. He went off to get his groceries, and I went off to get our dinner.
I felt like a fool.
And yes, Andrea laughed at me.
But I confirmed my suspicions without losing any money, and that TV set would have been a cool gift.
I think the job world is a lot like that. Sometimes, a "lottery ticket" opportunity will randomly show up. Like, someone says: "You should reach out and connect with my friend, John. Maybe he can help you out.                                     
It could feel awkward to reach out, and it may not amount to much. You might even look silly. But, you know what? It costs nothing to investigate, and if it does pay off, it could be a game changer.
That’s why I say – go for it!
Because even if it turned out to be a “wild goose chase”, then you still haven't lost anything. But if the opportunity is legitimate, you could win a fantastic prize, so to speak.
Keep your eyes open for “lottery ticket” opportunities like this. It may turn out to be a long shot that was too good to be true, but it could be just what you needed, at just the right time.
Either way, you win.

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