Mar, 2018

Who's For Lunch?

Whos for lunchAndrea (my wife) often gives me a hard time about lunch.                                            

Lately, she has even started quizzing me at the end of every day, asking what I had for lunch, making sure I ate okay (which can be hard to remember several hours later).                                    

Anyway, the reason I'm sending this today has nothing to do with what you put on your lunch plate. Andrea can give you some tips on what to have for lunch another day. Today, we're going to talk about who you have for lunch.      

Here's what I mean:                                       

On some days, you may -- like me -- just shove food in your mouth and keep working. There's nothing wrong with that!                             

However, I encourage you, every once in a while, to use your lunch time to reconnect -- and in the process, create new possibilities.                                             

It could be a colleague from a past job, a boss, a friend, or maybe even your spouse! Also -- you know those people that you haven't talked to in so long, you feel guilty about it? Invite them too.                    

Not only will you be able to reconnect with that person and breathe new life into your relationship, you can learn something valuable too.                                               

Ask them questions like:                              

"Have you worked on any interesting projects lately?"                   

"What's the most valuable thing you learned since last time we talked?"               

"Is there anything I can help you with?"                

Sometimes, you can help them solve a problem with which, maybe, you have better or more recent experience. Yes, it creates good will -- but it also gives you the opportunity to explain what you did and deepen your knowledge.                    

(I once heard that we remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we do -- and 90% of what we teach. I'm not sure how accurate the numbers themselves are, but I can definitely vouch for the power of teaching others what you know and learning more in the process.)                            

By the way...                                     

If your budget is tight, you can always pack your own lunch and meet at a food court or sit outside if the weather is nice. And if your schedule is tight, either make time for it, or set the date a few weeks in advance.                            

Okay -- I need to go now. I'm taking Andrea out for lunch.                                             

Until next time,

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Alan Carniol

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