Feb, 2020

Social Media Do’s and Dont’s for your Career

Social Media Dos and Donts for your CareerThe advent of the internet has paved the way to the birth of an extremely powerful tool almost every person on this planet uses now - social media. Whether personal or business, we can all agree that social media is a tremendously helpful tool that has significantly changed our lives. From sharing personal events, communicating with people from across the globe, building your brand and growing your network, social media feels like more of a necessity nowadays. But because almost everyone practically has a social media account on at least one platform, you have to learn how to use social media wisely, especially when applying for a job.


Hiring managers and recruiters now take time to check the social media profiles of the candidates before hiring them. Make sure not to let your social media get in the way of landing your dream job by using this guide for using social media.

Show respect
It’s true that social media platforms are venues for self-expression. However, you have to be extra careful with your posts to make sure you’re not attacking anyone. Expressing your opinion on social media is okay but it requires careful thought and consideration. You have to make sure it will not be viewed in a negative manner. Think multiple times before posting anything. Carefully choose your words and avoid profanity.

Do not post about religion or politics
People always have something to say especially when it comes to topics as controversial as religion and politics. But hold yourself back. Not everyone needs to know your stance on hot issues concerning these things. Posting something related to these subjects might stir up unhealthy discussions and arguments. More importantly, this might hamper your chances of landing a job if you’re applying for a position that requires high confidentiality in terms of data or client information.

Establish your LinkedIn Presence
Social media isn’t just useful for social networking and chit chatting with friends. It’s something you can leverage to expand your professional network, too. Establish your online presence by utilizing LinkedIn. Besides creating a profile and uploading a professional photo of yours, take time to join groups that will enhance your online presence. You can also share valuable content that your connections might find useful. More importantly, don’t just leave it there and wait for someone to get in touch with you. You have to update it regularly and continue your efforts to grow your network.

Never bad-mouth your former employer
Whether you hate your former company because of the poor management system, low salary or bad work culture, using the social media to rant about them is a huge no-no! No matter how much you want the world to know that they’re the worst employer, you should never trash talk them unless you want to make yourself look rude and unprofessional.

Social media has many other uses besides social networking and entertainment. Use it to build your career and tap on these tips to guide you through.


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