Jan, 2013

Direct Your Job Search To Reach Your Career Goals

Direct Your Job SearchWhere do I go now? Every job search brings that question. The answer matters.

Certain jobs will limit your future career options. Others will open doors. To identify which options to pursue, you must identify specific career goals and the steps required to get there. Let me explain.

Jan, 2013

Reason Why You Shouldn’t be too Nervous about the Interview

Interview NervesAnyone can feel interview jitters before an interview, so why wouldn’t you? The opportunity is finally here for you to turn things around after a long period of being unemployed or to get away from a bad boss.

Jan, 2013

The Five W’s of Writing Your Cover Letter

Cover LetterIn this day and age, some job seekers are trying to dismiss the notion that a cover letter is important. If you are one of those who think that a cover is no longer relevant, then you need to hear this message: A cover letter is still and will always be important when you’re applying for a job.

Jan, 2013

4 Tips When Applying for a Job When You’re Underqualified

UnderqualifiedAnytime you’re looking at a job ad, there are a number of requirements that an employer is looking for. You’ve finally found a job that looks and feels perfect... but you find that you don’t meet all of the job requirements. What do you do?

Jan, 2013

Treating Your Job Search as a Business

Be SeriousWhen you’re doing your job search, people say that you need to treat it seriously. This means that you have to be accountable in every way, much like an owner would treat his or her business. A business owner would never let a big client get away just because his initial attempt at closing the deal failed. Likewise, in your job search you need to keep trying and do whatever it takes to get a company to notice you.

Jan, 2013

Nervous Habits: A Roadblock to Interview Success

Roadblock to successEveryone feels nervous at one point or another, and to cope with this feeling, we develop nervous habits. Sometimes these habits are what make other people judge you and your skills for the job prematurely, leaving you little room to make a positive impression on the interviewer.

Jan, 2013

Do happy people earn more money?

Earn moneyRecently I heard someone ask that exact question. There's actually a well-researched answer.

Today, many top academic psychologists study what makes people perform better. This research includes studying happiness and job satisfaction.

Jan, 2013

6 Easy Tips for Job Fair Success

Job Fair SuccessThere are different avenues for you to move forward in your job search, and one of these is job fairs. Job fairs are a valuable resource not only for companies looking to fill a position, but more importantly for people who are currently unemployed or looking to change jobs.

Jan, 2013

How’s that New Year’s resolution going for you? Get one that works.

New Year Job Search TipYou may feel New Year’s resolutions are a total waste. That’s actually not true.

I recently learned a statistic that surprised me, in a good way.  Did you know 10% of people succeed with their new year’s resolutions?

Why do they succeed? They do things a bit differently. Let me explain.

Jan, 2013

Took time out of the workforce? Here's a unique opportunity for you.

gap in work historyA gap in work history used to be a disadvantage in landing a job. Or in getting invited for an interview. Employers worried that such a resume gap meant out of date skills, and perhaps a decreased work ethic.

For some top firms, that view has changed.