Helping a Friend When they Lose a Job

Helping a friendLosing a job is not something you want to happen to you or anyone else. Everyone needs to have a job to keep a roof over their head and support their family. This is why you shouldn’t think twice about giving a hand to a friend or family when they lose a job.

It’s not easy to be left without a job because there are no assurances of how soon you’ll be able to find a new one. You might see a lot of job openings and go to a lot of interviews, but it may still take a long time before someone decides to hire you.

If you’re not sure how you can help a friend when they lose a job, here are some things you do.

Don’t say, “It will be okay” – It may seem like a nice thing to say to someone who has just become unemployed, but depending on your relationship with the person, it might only add insult to injury. In your efforts to comfort them, it might be better to let them just vent for the moment and give them support later when they’re ready to start looking for a job.

Don’t say, “You’ll get hired in no time” – It’s understandable that you want to cheer someone up or motivate them, but unless you’re a CEO of a mega-corporation that can hire your friend, you really don’t know how soon they’ll get a job. It’s better to focus on helping them than saying unnecessary things.

Look out for job openings – Keep an eye out for possible leads you can give your friend. You can never have too many job openings for someone who’s in need. It only increases their chances of finding a job soon.

Be a helping hand – A few weeks down the road without a job, even those with savings will find themselves struggling to make ends meet. If you can help in any way possible, why not lend a hand to a friend? You never know when you’ll be the one in their position, and it’s nice to know that someone has your back in times of need.

A friend is someone who is there for you, and not just during the good times—it’s important to be there during the bad times, too. Helping someone goes a long way; if you don’t believe in karma, at least be a real friend.

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Alan Carniol

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