Nov, 2012

Why People Start Thinking of Quitting their Job

Quitting a JobEvery day a lot of us spend the majority of our time working to earn a living for our families, but not everyone goes to work happy. There are some people who go to work for the satisfaction of being an achiever, while others go to work to save enough money to start a venture. The point is that people have a lot of reasons to go to work, but when the time comes that the reason you go to work fades, you start might start to feel frustrated from the daily grind. Pretty soon, you might start thinking about quitting your job.

Nov, 2012

4 Ways You Waste Time in Your Job Search

job search time wasterWhen you’re out of a job, it is easy to become so obsessed with your job search habits that you end up wasting time instead of making progress. In the end, your eagerness may become an obstacle to your job search efforts. If you don’t want to find yourself wasting valuable time, here are some things you need to avoid doing.

Nov, 2012

Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels before an Interview

Interview StressEvery day there are contributing factors to our stress levels. As much people would like to live a stress-free life, this is just not possible. There will always be things that will cause us stress—some within our control, and some not. No one wants to have stress in their system because it can affect our mental and physical well-being.

Nov, 2012

What Interviewers Want You to Know

Interview TipsEvery job seeker wants to be invited for an interview, but there are times when people focus so much on the job search that they under prepare for the interview. As a result, they end up wasting a golden opportunity.

The unemployment rate today is so high, yet there are a lot of companies with positions that they can’t fill. This can be attributed to employers who can’t find the right people... or maybe it’s because the job seekers fail to impress the interviewer.

Nov, 2012

Four Reasons You Should Refer a Friend

Friend ReferralThere are a number of reasons why companies encourage their current employees to refer people for open positions. One of the main reasons is that we surround ourselves with likeminded people. If you are a highly valued employee, then chances are you have a friend who could potentially be another valuable employee for the company.

Nov, 2012

7 Tips for a Better Job Search Experience at a Job Fair

Job Search at a Job FairEveryone has their way of doing things, a way that they most comfortable with. If you’re looking for a job and feel like you have tried it all, you might want to consider going to job fairs.

Job boards and networking may not work for you, but don’t stop there. Continue the search until you have exhausted every possible opportunity available. Remember that the world of business never stops; opportunities come and go.

Nov, 2012

Choosing a Career for You

Choosing a career pathA lot of people have a hard time when it comes to choosing a career. It is understandable not to know which path to take. After all, this is a big decision. You don’t want to go into a career that you don’t like.

In choosing a career path that’s best for you, you need to consider a lot of factors in your decision. Here are some of the more important considerations, along with some ideas to guide you.

Nov, 2012

Tips to Stay Calm in an Interview

Interview AnxietyEveryone feels anxious at one point in their life. For most people, anxiousness starts to creep in before or during an interview. The uncertainty of what will happen scares people. Questions start to pop up in your mind: Am I qualified? Did I prepare enough? Will I give the right answers?

Every professional who has interviewed for a position, be it an entry-level or executive position, would admit that there is a certain level of anxiety. There is always the problem of how to stay calm for your interview.

Nov, 2012

6 Easy Ways You Can Build Confidence for a Job Search

Confidence for a Job SearchAfter losing a job, anyone can lose all of his or her confidence. There are even times when questions start to linger on your mind: “Why me? Am I not good enough?” Not to mention the rejections you’ll face on your job search.

It’s no wonder a lot of people fail to find a new job immediately after losing their last one. They lack the necessary confidence to reassure employers of their abilities during interviews. More often than not, the loss of confidence affects everything about them in their interviews.

Nov, 2012

Are References Needed for Fresh College Graduates?

references for graduatesFresh out of school, college graduates don’t have much to show a hiring manager, so it is important to cover all bases in giving information—especially your references. Your grades are important for any employer to evaluate how you’ll do with the job, but that alone will not be enough. Because of your inexperience, your references will be even more important because these people can give insight as to your abilities outside the four walls of a classroom.