Treating Your Job Search as a Business

Be SeriousWhen you’re doing your job search, people say that you need to treat it seriously. This means that you have to be accountable in every way, much like an owner would treat his or her business. A business owner would never let a big client get away just because his initial attempt at closing the deal failed. Likewise, in your job search you need to keep trying and do whatever it takes to get a company to notice you.

Organizing contacts

When you’re looking for a job, you want to get as many leads as possible. However, maintaining and staying on top of your contacts is hard work. This is why, before you start getting in touch with your contacts, you need to be prepared and organize everything to make sure that you know whom you last talked to and whom your next target will be.

Researching your leads

You want to get a good lead as soon as possible, but before you jump on every opportunity, you might want to take the time to put some research beforehand. Why? Because not every opportunity may be what’s best for you.

When you do find a company that you like, researching it beforehand will help you get bits of information that may be of use during the interview.

Follow up

If you’ve been to a mall or a used car lot, you know how persistent salespeople can be, and a good salesperson knows when to persist with the sales pitch, as well as when to let it go. When you’ve found a perfect fit for you, make sure to strike while the iron is hot, not when the interviewer has forgotten all about you.

Discard bad leads

Along the way in your job search, there will be contacts that you initially like, but along the way after you find out something about them, you lose your interest. When this happens, don’t cling on to them, because a bad lead won’t get you anything except clutter in your contacts list.

The job search is easier when you organize how you do it. Research and preparation will be the cornerstones of your success. So, approach your job search like a business owner. After all, until you land that dream job, the job search is your busine

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Alan Carniol

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