Jan, 2020

5 Tips in Negotiating a Salary

5 Tips for Negotiating a SalarySo you’re glad you finally got an offer on the table! Congratulations! But instead of stepping out of the interview room happy, there’s one more thing that worries you - your salary. Many people make the mistake of simply accepting what they are offered because well, let’s admit, negotiating a salary isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would have no hesitation in doing it. Some also fear that attempting to discuss and negotiate the compensation package might sweep the job offer away.


If you’re caught in a similar dilemma, there’s really no need to fear. You shouldn't keep silent because you could be losing the chance to earn more dollars by not speaking up. Read on and learn how to handle a salary negotiation like a pro!

Know your market value
Before you even walk in on a job interview, you need to know your market value and salary worth beforehand. You must already have a ballpoint figure on how much you should get paid based on your knowledge, experience and skills. If you’re kind of unsure, you may do some research and check the averages within your local area and other nearby locations.

Not only will this help you determine how much you should be getting but it will give you something to support your negotiations.

Be ready with your justification
When you demand for a certain salary amount, it’s imperative that you have your justification ready on why you deserve a salary higher than what they offer. It isn’t enough that you ask without valid reasons to back it up. Otherwise, it may be unwise to push through the negotiation.

When presenting why you’re asking for a better package, make sure you’re firm and persuasive. Don’t sound unsure or you won’t be able to convince the hiring manager why they should grant you what you’re asking for.

Be serious
The company you’re applying for needs to understand that you are serious not only about the salary but also about the job. Make sure you’re able to send this message across.

Prove your value with your previous successes
If you find it hard to justify why you deserve a better salary package, just think about your previous successes and achievements. If you have taken courses and earned certification relevant to the position, you may use them too so you can prove your worth. This is not to brag or anything like that, but you need a solid evidence to back up your request.

Ask questions
Before you go about presenting why you should be getting a better package, get the facts straight first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Gather all the information you need so that you can arrive at a more informed decision. Some of the things you need to find out include whether or not the offer is the base salary only or does it include allowances? Also find out if there are performances in the middle or last quarter of the year? Will there be opportunities to request for a raise based on performance?



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