Mar, 2020

5 Tips for Building and Leading a Successful Team

5 Tips for Building and Leading a Successful TeamAlthough they’re used quite interchangeably, the meaning of the words “group” and “team” isn’t the same. A group is simply composed of a certain number of persons led by a common superior. A team, on the other hand, could be a group of people whose collective performance is aimed to achieve a certain goal. This is the reason why in a workplace, a group of people working together is called a team. The collective efforts of these individuals are committed to a common purpose.


Successful companies are made up of effective and successful teams. But how do you build and lead a successful team?

Set clear goals and processes
To make sure that each and every member in the team is on the same page and directed to a common goal, it’s important that the leader communicates the goal that the team needs to achieve. Also, it’s also crucial that the members understand the individual roles they each are going to play to get there to where they need to be. Not only will this make them feel responsible and accountable but it will also make them feel empowered.

When setting goals, be sure that your objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART). This will help you keep track of your progress so you can see how far you are from reaching your target.

Value diversity
There’s a lot of beauty in diversity. Imagine having a team composed of people with various backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. You can have all sorts of input and opinions and pieces of knowledge put together so you can achieve your goal. Be receptive to varying views and ways of thinking because while your subordinates learn from you, remember that you can learn from them, too.

Be open to change
There are times when teams finally get to a point of arriving at a certain working rhythm they’re comfortable with and that’s fine. But while you want to keep things that way and maintain the momentum, remember that it’s also important that you know how to embrace and welcome change when necessary if you want to be effective as a team. Change is constant and when you’re willing to change and evolve, you will grow.

Build a harmonious relationship
This doesn’t only refer to working relationships but your interpersonal relationships. To be a well-functioning team, your interactions don't have to be exclusive to the work stuff. There’s nothing wrong with trying to reach out to your team members and get to know them better. This will help you understand their needs both professionally and personally, and learn what motivates them to do well at work.
Cultivate a healthy attitude towards failure
Another way to build a high-performing team is to create a culture with “psychological safety”. This means giving your members the freedom to speak up, disagree, and even commit mistakes. Having a healthy attitude towards failure is important to growth and improvement.

Whether your team is composed of high-performing individuals or bottom outliers, its success largely depends on how you manage and lead your team. Use these helpful tips to build a great team you can be proud of!

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