Sep, 2020

4 Tips for a Successful Career Change

4 Tips for a Successful Career ChangeCan you recall the first time you got hired, walking to your first day at work and feeling so passionate and enthusiastic? Did you feel the same amount of passion and drive years later into that first job? If you realize later on that it wasn’t actually your cup of tea and feel like you’re only dragging yourself to work, you’re not alone.

At various points in one’s career life, people find themselves yearning for a career change and it happens for a lot of different reasons. It could be because they want a higher salary. It could be because they want career growth. It could be because they find their current job stressful. Whatever the reason is, it’s perfectly okay to want to do a career change. It can sound scary at first but don’t worry. Here are some tips for success you can use when you decide to pivot your career!

Weigh the pros and cons
Like everything else in life, your decision to switch careers will entail pros and cons. There will always be the upsides and the downsides. Think about the advantages that it will bring you when you go for a career change. So you get to leave behind your stressful workplace, nosy colleagues and an extremely demanding boss. How about your finances? Consider how the switch will impact your pocket, your budget. Can you afford not to get paid for the length of time you’re unemployed while searching and applying for the new job? What are the other things you’d be required to give up in the process? Make a list of all of these things because these will help you achieve a better sense of the kind of career that will bring more fulfilment and satisfaction in the long run.

Identify the why’s
A lot of people have been outgrowing their jobs and they don’t realize it until they reach a point where they realize they’re no longer happy. You could find yourself in a similar scenario but before you finally make the decision, it’s imperative that you identify the “why”. Figure out why you want to do a career change. Think about what’s pushing you. What kind of change are you looking forward to?

Determine the what
Now that you’ve figured out the reason why you want a career change, it’s time to consider what your next career looks like. Take time to brainstorm your dream career. Do you want something similar to what you were previously doing or do you want something that’s entirely different?

Once you have nailed down your options to the next career you’d like to explore, it’s time to make an action plan. You know your goal, so the next steps would be to plan out how to get there as well as the timeline. What does this new job require? Are there any skills you need to learn or training you need to undergo? Figure these things out prior to making the shift.

Going for a career change isn’t always easy especially when you don’t know where and how to start. Use these tips as you navigate the process of career change to help you find success!


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