Oct, 2020

4 Simple Tips for Getting a Raise Without Proactively Asking

4 Simple Tips for Getting a RaiseWhether or not you’re earning enough with your salary, you could always use a raise. Of course, everybody would love a raise, who wouldn’t? The problem is asking for a raise is certainly easier said than done unless your boss offers you a pay raise out of the blue without you asking (which rarely happens!).

 The good news is that you can actually give your boss more reasons to increase your paycheck without directly and verbally asking for it. It isn’t an easy feat but here are some tips to help you get there!

Be proactive
One excellent way to appear remarkably competent is to anticipate what your boss expects from you and be proactive. Many times, your boss will give directions on how they want you to do things and what results they expect. But it would be extremely helpful if you find opportunities to take the initiative and take action without them telling you what they need you to do. This demonstrates that you don’t need constant supervision and you can deliver and even exceed expectations without being watched.

Stay positive
Being positive professionally and in life in general makes you a pleasant person to be with. By maintaining a positive outlook at work, it will be easier to establish a harmonious, and good working relationship with your boss and colleagues. When this happens, carrying out tasks and projects will also be smoother and easier.

Staying positive will also give your superior a good impression about your work ethics. They will see you as someone who takes criticisms and turns them into constructive ones. They will look at you as someone who takes challenges as opportunities for growth instead of burden.

Continue to sharpen your axe
You may consider yourself an expert in your role and in what you do. But it doesn’t mean that the learning stops. There could be new updates and information about your field that can be useful in your job. Continue to sharpen your axe, continue to find new knowledge and stay updated. Don’t ignore opportunities to attend conferences and seminars. Take up online training and courses, read books, find a mentor. You’ll never know when this new knowledge will come in handy but your boss will definitely be more impressed to learn that he has an employee who finds ways to be better in their career.

Set yourself apart from other employees
If you want a raise but can’t verbally say it, you have to give your boss a good reason to. You have to prove that you’re worth the investment. But how do you do that? Set yourself apart from other employees. Find ways to stand out. Whether it’s through your impeccable work ethics, reliability, expertise, skills or knowledge, your superior has to see how you’re different from the rest (in a good way!).

The sound of “getting a raise” is definitely music to the ears of any employee. And if you think you don’t have the courage to ask for it proactively, these tips can be useful to get that raise you’ve been waiting for!

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