Jan, 2020

3 Helpful Ways to Shake Off a Career Slump

3 Helpful Ways to Shake Off a Career SlumpPeople who are happy at work are those who constantly find themselves in the zone for tackling their tasks, motivated to perform at their best and are positive towards everything that’s thrown their way, whether good or bad. You, most likely, may have found yourself in a similar scenario but not permanently. You might have gotten to a point where you see no direction anymore, a point where you think your career is headed nowhere and that you’re no longer enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing.

If this is the case, you might already be experiencing the so-called career slump. Career slump isn’t uncommon especially for employees who have been in the same company or doing the same role for quite some time. But, don’t worry. There are various ways to overcome career slump. Take a look at these tips!

Be honest with yourself
If you’re going through a career slump, one of the first things you should do is to take a step back and reflect. Think things through and be honest with yourself. This time, forget about what others think you should do. This isn’t about them, it’s more about you. Honestly think about whether or not you still love your job. Ask yourself if this is still the same thing you see yourself doing in the next couple of years or if you’re already leaning towards looking for a new career path.

Whatever your decision may be at the end of the day, be sure it’s the one that will make you happy. Otherwise, you will be spending the who-knows-how-many-years-more regretting you didn’t do anything to make a change.

Find ways to improve yourself
There are times when we’d find ourselves stagnant at work and growth is nowhere to be found. In times like this, you can be proactive instead of reactive and look for ways to learn more and be more. Find new opportunities to improve yourself. Take a class or pursue a new course - anything that will help you earn a new certification. Not only will this give you a new whole sense of direction but it might just be what will present you more options in the future should you desire a change in career.

Appreciate what you have
Your career may not be as ideal as what it seemed to be for you in the past. But hey, not everybody’s lucky to be in where you are and enjoy what you have right now. This isn’t saying you have convinced yourself to be happy with your current job. This only means that you may have looked past its beauty because you’ve gotten used to having it for all these years. Try to think of all the good things about your job which you do not want to trade for anything else.

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