Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are Important for Applicants

Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are Important for ApplicantsFind out how you can boost your LinkedIn profile.

If you think written recommendations are not enough to help you land a job, perhaps it’s time to update your LinkedIn recommendations to help improve your reputation, allowing potential employers to get a glimpse of how you work as an employee.

Keep in mind that employers prefer to hire those who they think will be a good investment. Looking at recommendations can help them decide who goes to the next step of employment.

To help you in the updating process, here are some reasons why LinkedIn recommendations are vital to your potential career:

Proof. LinkedIn recommendations are a form of proof of your image, skills and strengths—that are available for public viewing. Since your reputation is on the line, make sure everything on your profile is relevant to the recommendations you’re posting. Don’t forget to set your profile to Public to allow your recommendations to be visible to everyone.

To stand out. Having superb recommendations will help you stand out among the rest of the pack applying for the same job. Feel free to ask for recommendations from your past colleagues, mentors or other people that may bring a positive impact to your resume.

To showcase your strengths. A LinkedIn recommendation on top of your skills and strengths adds a level of credibility. If you want to convince your potential employer of the ways you can be of service to them, providing recommendations will help erase potential doubts about you. Are you a team player? How can you fit in within a certain team in the company? Let recruiters get to know you better by providing recommendations.

To be on top of your game. If you’re thinking of looking for a job, now’s the best time to check your LinkedIn profile to see if all the details are properly updated. If you don’t have an account, feel free to create one in order to start connecting with your past colleagues, clients and other business-related contacts.

Remember that your LinkedIn profile can only do so much. You must exert effort to build your profile, together with your network, in order to find more opportunities that may come along.

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