Why Job Seekers Should Volunteer

Job Seekers VolunteerFeeling stuck? You may want to give volunteering a try. It will give you a chance to do something good for others. It can also boost your profile, and open up new opportunities. If you’re looking to add to your resume, volunteering is the way to go. Here are 7 reasons why:

To multiply your networking opportunities. Since you will be exposed to a lot of new people, expect your network to grow rapidly. As you build personal relationships, you’ll find new friends and things in common.

To put your skills to use and gain new ones. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills and develop new talents. This will keep you from becoming rusty, especially if you’ve been unemployed for a long time. Being able to take on new challenges will turn your weaknesses into strengths as you expose yourself to different circumstances.

To build your resume. If you fear your resume is dull, volunteering can change that. It reflects commitment, focus, and a strong work ethic. You can include “volunteer” in your job title, or even include it in your resume’s “Professional Experience” section.

To defeat your sense of isolation. It is indeed tiring and disheartening to look for a job if the search has been long. Surrounding yourself with your usual set of contacts can, in some cases, make negative feelings worse. When you volunteer, you will be given a chance to cast off your sense of being alone. At the end of a productive day, you’ll discover you’re not so alone after all.

To give you a positive image. Since people don’t receive financial gain through volunteering, working as a volunteer lets people know you acknowledge other people’s concerns before your own. Volunteer work also reflects well if you’ve been out of a job for a long time.

To make a difference in the lives of others. Making time for others is priceless. Being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to impact the lives of many people. Your effort, time and talent are greatly appreciated — often without you knowing it.

To open doors for new opportunities. Who knows — you could be offered a job within the organization you are volunteering for. Once your work and commitment are known and respected, it’s not unreasonable to discover new doors to opportunities, including paid ones.

Search for the right volunteering options that will fit your skills and personality. Your hard work will eventually pay off.

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Alan Carniol

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