Why I Don’t Like Job Boards, But Still Recommend Them

Why I Dont Like Job Boards But Still Recommend ThemIf you’ve been a reader for a while, then you probably know that I’m not a big fan of job boards.
Why not?
Because a job board is the WORST way to apply for a job.

The best way to find a job is when a friend, business contact, or manager you used to work with calls you, tells you they have a job opening, says he's the hiring manager, and tells you the job is yours if you want it – you just need to say "yes" and name your price.
This may sound far-fetched.
However, it’s not only a very real possibility, but it’s the ideal goal that we aim to achieve with my Dream Job Formula program.
Granted, you might not have a lot of friends who are hiring managers. But there are plenty hiring managers out there who you can connect with, earn your way into their circle, win their respect, and then have them decide they could use your talents – even if it means creating a job for you.
The key is investing in a small "portfolio" of these relationships so you’ll be more likely to get a call like the one above.
Job boards are the opposite of this.
Because when you go in for an interview off of a job board, you have no particular advantage. You're just a name and a piece of paper. Sometimes, you'll even be knocked back for superficial things that have no bearing on your ability to do the job.
However, despite that, I still recommend that job boards should make up 20% of your job search strategy.
Why would I recommend this?
Because while it's probably the worst way to get a job, it's one of the BEST ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the job market.
When you view jobs on job boards regularly, you'll naturally develop an intuition for the market. You’ll know what salary levels are available, the kinds of "hard" skills and certifications hiring managers look for these days, and any other qualifications you need that would help your candidacy if you get a telephone call like above.

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