Why Focusing on One Role Brings You More Opportunities

Why Focusing on One Role Brings You More OpportunitiesA few days ago, we took a high-level look at the seven habits of highly effective job candidates. These are the traits that many of the most successful folks I've coached or otherwise helped over the years had in common.
Today, let's take a closer look at the first one:
"Effective job seekers have a clear sense of focus. They know what they want, they know where they're headed, and they know why."

Here's why this is important.
What I'm about to share could possibly be one of the most counter-intuitive concepts in the whole job search process -- but it's vital.
You see, many candidates believe that if they focus on a particular job role and only search for jobs that fit it, they'll miss out on other opportunities. In other words, they're restricting the pool of possible jobs they can apply for.
But this just isn't true.
The truth is, when you apply for a role, quite often these days your application is scanned through an application tracking system, which searches for "keyword clusters" that match the job role.
Folks whose resume and cover letter haven't been written for that specific role often find that their application is trashed. They simply never hear back.
Has that happened to you recently?
Have you applied for a wide range of jobs, and found that more often than not you simply don't hear back -- not even a polite rejection?
This could be the reason why.
So while you may feel like you're "applying" for these roles, in truth you were never in the running, so it's just an illusion. In other words, your pool of jobs is not as large as you believe it is.
Now, if you're applying to jobs through the "hidden" job market, focus is even more important. And here's the reason why:
Nobody wants to earn themselves a reputation as "Kathleen who's looking for a job". You want to be known as "Kathleen, the expert on ______".
That way, you're seen as a resource hiring managers want to keep in their pocket. These are the kinds of candidates who get solid referrals.
Remember the power of focus.
It's one of the seven habits of highly effective job candidates.
As counter-intuitive as it seems, focus makes your world of opportunities bigger, because it raises your perceived value in the eyes of hiring managers.

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