Why Companies Shy Away From Long-Distance Job Candidates

Long-Distance Job CandidatesNo matter how advanced we are technologically, sad to say that most companies are still hesitant to pay the expense of interviewing and hiring long-distance job candidates.

Ever thought of moving outside of your local city to find a new job? Think carefully before taking action. Some companies won’t even consider your application.

Here are the most common reasons why:

Availability issues. Compared to local candidates, long-distance candidates will be more challenging to schedule for an interview quickly. Plus, employers prefer interviewing candidates in person rather than over the phone or through Skype. These are major roadblocks.

If you get a chance to be interviewed online, your odds are a bit slimmer. Online interview candidates are perceived as less likeable on video than in person.

Added expenses. Employers don’t want to spend money when they’re about to hire a new employee. Though some companies may be willing to foot your relocation expenses, some just won’t bother. Rejecting long-distance candidates is a protective measure for company budgets.

More expenses, including interview travel costs. Because of the tight economy, many companies still need to watch their budgets carefully. This is more common at cash-strapped nonprofits or small businesses. No matter how qualified you are, some employers just can’t afford to fly you in for an interview.

Employers are concerned whether you can handle the new environment. Long-distance candidates who aren’t happy with a move are more likely to give up a job after the first few months compared to local candidates.

A sense of guilt. If things don’t work out, employers don’t want to carry the guilt of bringing you into a new city.

Plenty of local candidates. Why bother spending money hiring long-distance candidates when hiring managers can easily employ people living within the area?

In some cases, a hiring decision simply boils down to filling a job opening in a way that will best work for the company.

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Alan Carniol

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