Top Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates

Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates Drafting the perfect resume takes time and effort, especially if you’re a recent graduate. You can make your resume stand out if you know how to organize it properly. A clear, well- organized resume increases your chances of getting your foot in the door.

There are millions of fresh graduates every year, and the job market, while improving, is still difficult. Know at the outset that the likelihood of finding your ideal job is low. More than 50 percent of recent grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree. But you still want to represent yourself in the best possible light.

According to some recruiting specialists, a resume shouldn’t serve as your biography. Instead, it should be a one-page ad that shows your skills, experiences and knowledge.

Below are some tips from Google’s recruitment specialists on how to create a resume that can give you an advantage among other candidates:

Show them what you’ve got. Since recruiters look for positive indicators in your resume, make sure to include information that shows you have the smarts and savvy to fulfill the position you are applying for. Cite your work or internship experiences or a project that is relevant to the job. Demonstrating initiative is definitely a plus.

Focus on the results. Include your achievements to give recruiters an idea of how you work as a colleague. Have you made an impact in your internship, club, or organization? If so, mention your involvement and explain the difference you’ve made.

Include experiences where you think you’ve made an impact. Recruiters prefer seeing experience at the top of your resume rather than wading through employment history. If you think you’ve developed solid skills in a certain project, include them at the top of your resume so they won’t be missed.

Organize your information. Some recruiters will go through your resume from top to bottom, while some just browse bullet points. Prioritize what you’re most skilled at. Don’t include so many skills that you go over the top.

Double-check your grammar and spelling. If you’re overly focused on content, it’s easy to miss grammar or spelling mistakes. Avoid errors to prevent making a negative impression. Have someone help you review your resume before turning it in.

Review the resume multiple times before sending it (or better — walking in with a paper copy). Generic resumes don’t work. Do your research and create a smart resume recruiters will love.

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