The Wine Dilemma

The Wine DilemmaBack when I was in business school, my professor taught me something I'll never forget. She was talking about hiring employees:

"Alan, hiring someone is a lot like choosing a bottle of wine in the store. You can't actually taste it until you purchase it and take it home."

"This means, no matter how exquisite the wine may taste, no matter how much genius went into making it, all you can really do is judge it by the label."

There's a lot of truth in what she said.

Now, if we're all honest, when we're browsing the aisles looking for a decent wine to buy, we usually choose the one with the best looking-label.

It's not that we're shallow.

There's just no way to know how good a wine tastes until we crack open the bottle and pour some in a glass. We have to taste it.

Sitting on the bottom shelf, overlooked by almost everyone, may be the most delicious wine you ever tasted -- one where the grapes were hand-picked in Italy from vines that soaked up the best Mediterranean sun of a generation, where it was fermented by one of the best winemaking families in the world, with the wine matured in fine oak casks, and left to sit for a decade.

But if the label is plain and uninspiring, we would never know.

That's a powerful thought.

A lot of people apply to jobs where often than not they are qualified with years of experience that employers would love to have.

Yet, they're overlooked time and time again because nobody ever showed them how to present themselves to prospective employers in a way that's inspiring and commands respect.

If you’re someone who believes that you have what it takes to get the job done but you’re still not getting hired.

Try the Interview Success Formula that I tested with years of helping people trying to get noticed by employers. It is a step by step plan to help you stand out from your competition and properly label yourself like a wine on the top shelf.

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Alan Carniol

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