The “Shotgun” Approach to Job Search

The Shotgun Approach to Job SearchHere's something we hear a lot from frustrated job seekers:
"I've sent out more than 100 resumes... I've applied for dozens of jobs... but have only landed a few interviews. Nobody wants to give me a break."
Can you relate to this?
If so, don't be so hard on yourself. Because this is something that a LOT of folks experience and, thankfully, it's easier to solve than you might think.

Now, there's a reason why you're being passed over.
And to me, this reason is obvious – but only because I've spent the last 7 years helping more than 50,000 get back into work, and this problem is common.
What's the issue?
If you're sending out a lot of resumes per month, chances are you're taking a "shotgun" approach to job seeking. In other words, you're sending a generic resume to any job that's "good enough" and hoping that at least one of them will call you in for an interview. But they don't...
Unless you just came out of college, this "shotgun" approach rarely works. Interviewers can spot it a mile away – and, when they do, they pass you over.
You need to take a more targeted approach.
This means:
– understanding the unique "thing" you bring to the table as an employee...
(The more experience you have, the more valuable this "thing" is, and the more difficult it is to uncover and communicate in a way that is compelling.)
– finding just a small handful of positions (around 3-5) that NEED it...
(This means passing over other positions where you don't fit the profile of their dream candidate so that you can focus on the ones where you do.)
– investing at least X hours customizing your resume and cover letter...
 (When hiring managers scan through, it should be immediately obvious to them that you are applying for their specific job – not just "a" job.)
This approach takes a LOT longer.
However, it's exponentially more effective than "spraying and praying".
This is why, when folks write to us and say that they've sent out more than a hundred resumes but never get called for an interview, more often than not you can bet your bottom dollar that it's because they're making this mistake.
Hope this helps.
And if you need more help applying this more targeted approach to applying for jobs (and successfully landing interviews), well... that's one more reason (if you needed it) to sign up to Interview Success Formula today. Because this process is one of the things I walk you through, step-by-step.

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Alan Carniol

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