The Daily Ritual of a Diamond

The Daily Ritual of a DiamondWe've spoken a lot about being a diamond lately.

So today, here are five things you can do every morning to step out into the world as a diamond -- i.e. a diamond job candidate, a diamond employee, a diamond friend, a diamond manager, etc.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

These are not things you "do" -- they're mindset shifts.

Here they are:

#1 -- Make a conscious decision to NOT relate to yourself as a victim.

This is an attitude and has nothing to do with your circumstances or how you might have been treated.

When you choose to relate to yourself as a victim, things happen *to* you. But when you choose to be a diamond, *you can choose to make a change.*

Like I said, it's just a mindset. But it's an empowering one.

#2 -- Celebrate your core "signature" strengths.

We all have them. Now, I don't know what your signature strengths are. Whatever they are, though, get present with them each morning, connect with them, and let them flow through you in everything you do. Most of all, celebrate them.

#3 -- Actively look for ways to add value.

Make this your new default way of thinking. While you're brushing your teeth, ask yourself: "What can I do today to create value for someone? How can I better use my core strengths to help the people around me?"

#4 -- Reach out to someone you care about.

It could be an ex-colleague, or an old friend, or a former boss, or a relation. Check in with them -- for no reason -- and take an interest in their life.

And, finally, the most powerful mindset shift of them all:

#5 -- Always make the first bet.                                  

Here's what I mean by this:

Until proven otherwise, treat every person you meet as if they were themselves a diamond. It doesn't matter whether they're the barista who pours your coffee, or the Uber driver who takes you home, or the new intern that everyone else treats like crap, or the CEO's niece who everyone acts polite to but secretly looks down upon with contempt.

You treat them like a diamond until they show you their cards.


Because the world is full of great people who are diamonds. I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but it's true. However, most folks look people up and down, size them up, and -- often -- treat them badly. And they never know that they just discarded someone who could have been their next boss, or their new best friend, or the love of their life.

These are the five mindset shifts that make someone a diamond.

Give them a test drive over the next week.

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Alan Carniol

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