Spring Clean Your Career in 5 Ways

Spring Clean Your Career Do you always have a goal in mind but can’t seem to find ways to achieve it? Now is the time to revisit your annual goals and renew your commitment to them.

Now that winter is over, it’s time to welcome new beginnings and the good things in life. Decluttering your office may sound like a good idea, but spring cleaning your career is even better. Here are some tips to help improve your career path:

Re-evaluate your relationship with your mentor. You can always re-evaluate and reconnect your relationship with your mentor. This will give you an opportunity to solidify your skills and vernacular.

Freshen up your vocabulary. Have you used the word “try” more than a couple of times this year? If you’ve said you’ll “try” to attend a networking party, either decide to go or don’t go. Get rid of the word “try.” It’s unnecessary— and it’s a mental obstacle.

If you keep failing to achieve your goals because you don’t have enough drive to maintain momentum, set smaller milestones that will be easier to achieve as you go.

Rethink your thoughts. Create a vision of what you want to achieve. You can use a vision board or simply write all your goals down. It doesn’t have to be detailed. Create something that reflects your goals, and fill your mind with positive thoughts about where your career can take you.

Renew your commitment. Review your current goals and ask yourself how you want to achieve them during the year. Commit to achieving success. How you finish your journey is more important than how you started.

Upgrade your image and socialize. This factor may not seem as important, but revising your appearance to reflect your personality really is important. Presenting yourself honestly to others will give you an added spark of confidence when meeting new people. Getting to know people who are working in the same field will help build your network and ramp up your sense of self.

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Alan Carniol

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