Should You Include Hobbies on Your Resume?

Should You Include Hobbies on Your ResumeEver wanted to include your hobbies on your resume? Learn if your hobbies can affect your potential career.

The truth? Including your hobbies won’t hurt you. Sometimes, adding them can even boost your resume. However, there are certain instances where your hobbies can hinder your chances of getting a job.

Here are some factors to consider before including any hobbies in your resume:

Hobbies that reveal your politics.Make sure your hobby doesn’t give away your stance on the political spectrum. If you include it, you may not get the job because the recruiter is strongly opposed to your beliefs. (Of course, this doesn’t apply to those who are in the political field.)

When applying for work, keep your political beliefs to yourself.

Hobbies that involve religion.Whether we like it or not, religion has the potential to divide people. Because of this, it’s best to leave any mention of it off of your resume.

Hobbies that reveal your age or ethnicity. Anything that opens up the possibility of discrimination should be avoided at all times. Keep the hobby to yourself if you don’t want to risk being rejected.

Including hobbies in your resume but leaving off more important information about your career. Make sure to highlight your strongest skills, as well as your background and experiences before deciding to include your hobbies. A recruiter is always more interested in a candidate’s work history and experience — they should be the focus of every resume.

If you think you have a hobby that is relevant to your career, feel free to make room for it. Doing so may give you an edge over other candidates.

When in doubt, imagine that you are a recruiter. Would the inclusion of certain hobbies pique your interest if you were facing a stack of resumes from qualified candidates vying for that job opening?

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