Should You Apply for a Job If You Don’t Meet the Requirements?

Should you apply for a job if you dont meet the requirementsReaders often ask me a variation of this question:

“I saw a position that’s pretty much my dream job. But I don’t meet all the requirements that were advertised. Should I apply for it anyway, on a stretch – or move on?”

It's a great question.

But instead of answering it myself, today, I’ll let “Sarah” – an Interview Success Formula student, answer the question with an email she sent a few weeks back.

Here it is:

Great news, Alan, I just accepted a position!

Your program was invaluable in helping me land the job - from resume tips, cover letter, and job searching and interview skills that I learned from ISF.

I now have my dream job that I am more excited about than anything I've done in years.

I didn't quite meet the requirements posted, but I applied as a "stretch" and won out. It is a slight career change, but for the better, in a new direction of my industry of which I was completely unaware.
WOW - cutting edge technology and innovation beyond belief. This invigorates me to actually look forward to work!

And the salary is well above my expectations.

Most importantly, I appreciate the subtleties that I gleaned from your communications, an attitudinal perspective regarding age, goals, and patience. Your story of expectant parents was apropos, as my job search was just over 9 months. The personalized worksheets on my strengths and behaviors brought about a self-awareness that will prove useful in many other aspects of my life.

I would strongly recommend ISF to anyone in the market for a job; it really works.

There is NO WAY I would have been hired had I not participated in the program.

Earnest thanks and warm regards,

A happy former ISF student


I say “Yes!” Definitely apply even though you don’t meet every requirement.

Here’s why:

Although hiring managers have specific requirements, when an amazing candidate falls out the sky into their office and delivers a knockout interview, they’ll often look past the "formalities" and hire the candidate anyway.

The reason is simple:

When a great hire comes their way, their search is over, and they’ll eagerly jump at the opportunity to hire you immediately. Not only that, but they’ll often pay you a higher salary than you were expecting – merely because they don’t want to lose you.

This is the power of a stellar first impression.

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