Refurbish a Rotten Internship in 7 Ways

InternshipEver felt like your internship is heading nowhere? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to make an exit once the right opportunity comes your way. Whatever your situation is, there are several ways to make the most of it. We’ve drafted several tips on how to become skilled in your field of expertise during your internship.

A rotten internship should never let you down. Believe it or not, the experience you’ll gain is still valuable. Here are some pointers to help you appreciate your internship more than ever:

Be positive. Take advantage of your internship by gaining contacts throughout your experience. You’ll eventually enjoy your internship once you’re familiar with the routine of real-world responsibilities. Your internship actually helps you build the muscle to showcase your ability to be reliable. Once you’re out of the internship, you can think back on your experiences and put them on your resume to build a stronger profile.

Be assertive. Even if you’ve been handling the coffee maker or snacks during conferences, take this opportunity to ask questions and speak up. Perhaps you can ask your boss if you can attend the weekly meeting. This will give you a chance to explore what goes on behind closed doors.

Be optimistic. Try to look at the big picture. Since you won’t be an intern for the rest of your life, try to enjoy your internship while gaining some skills in multi-tasking and time management. Keep in mind that all the small stuff will eventually be important when it comes to your career growth.

Forget the negativity. Weed out what you don’t like and focus on the positive experiences you’re gaining in your internship. Keep in mind that your internship should help you be a stronger competitor once you’re employed in the working world.

Take notes. Be sure to jot down anything about the corporate culture and the positive and negative experiences you’ve had during your internship. How did your first day go? Any problems with internal relations? You may find these notes helpful once you get a job interview.

Explore the company and grow your network. Once you’re on the inside, take this chance to expand your network. You’ll never know how these connections may come in handy in the future. Feel free to explore different departments in the company and figure out what interests you the most.

Savor the experience. Don’t let your internship suck the life out of you. Chalk this up to a learning experience and you’ll thank yourself in the end. Your internship will be a great platform for you to develop your skills and prepare once you do get a real job interview and a real job .

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Alan Carniol

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