Job Seeking – Don’t Be Like Don

Job seeking Dont Be Like DonThere’s a gentleman I know named Don who has worked in the trust department of a bank for 25 years.

The job isn’t exactly his cup of tea, but he’s stayed there for so many years because it was a good offer at the time, and he had a family to feed.

Well, his kids grew up and left home. So, now Don wants to do something that he finds more meaningful – something different that leverages all his experience in the financial industry.

However, he doesn’t want to move to a new bank and work in the same position. Instead, Don loves the idea of getting into affordable housing.

So, over the last few months, he’s started putting himself out there, networking, and getting connected with folks in the industry.
But along the way, he’s encountered a big problem:

Every time he tells his story about his background working in trust departments, he doesn’t get leads for the job he really wants.
Oh, he gets plenty of decent job leads alright.
The problem is, instead of getting job leads in affordable housing, he's only had leads for the same position he has now.

Despite all his efforts, he’s not really moving forward.

What’s going on here?

The one thing keeping Don from getting leads for a different job that takes advantage of all his experience is:
His story.

The story he’s telling isn’t helping interviewers understand what it is that Don really wants.    
If you want to take a new direction and move into a new field or industry, then you need an updated story.        

It’s okay to leverage your background, but you need to find a new way to tell your story so that people know what kind of opportunities you’re open to. Otherwise, you’ll probably just get offers for more jobs like the one you already have – just like Don.
This is one of those small things that make a big difference.

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Alan Carniol

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