Job Searching: How Not to Let Stress Get in the Way

Job Searching StressWe all know how stressful job searching can be. Frustration and anxiety can hijack the whole process.

According to Alexis Carrel, a French surgeon and biologist, people who don’t know how to fight worry can struggle with many aspects of life. In a job search, letting negative emotions rule you can break your career if stress isn’t dealt with.

Are you struggling in interviews? Allowing stress to take over affects the way you answer and the way you come across to hiring managers.

What Makes the Job Search Stressful

What’s your current stress level? Consider the following:

  1. You stress out for days or even weeks when you haven’t received any feedback.You may wonder why you weren’t called in for a second or third interview.
  2. You’re not sure who you’re up against, and you’re worried about whether your qualifications match up with the competition.
  3. Are you being kept in the dark during interview phases?
  4. Are you facing a situation you have no control over,such as a hiring freeze, unexpected mergers, buyouts and economic shifts?

How Stress Affects your Job Search Performance

All of this can easily affect your job search.The key is knowing what to focus on when looking for a job. Since many people focus more on what they want to achieve, their focus tends to diminish over time, when they could instead concentrate on accomplishing small steps each day(and they end up veering off course).

Without a focus on the path to a new job,instead of a focus on the end result, pessimistic thinking will be a way of life(often without you knowing it). You will focus more on your past failures and less on what you’ve done right. Over time, you won’t even notice the amount of energy you give to negative thoughts and feelings, eventually pulling you away from your goals.

Lessen Stress and Anxiety

Stress management is actually straightforward. The right amount of sleep, exercise, and the right diet all help in giving you a positive outlook in life.

But ultimately, it lies in your thoughts. Do you channel negative energy or look on the positive side? The right choice will help you get back on your feet when looking for a job.

Take action by focusing on the basics and tweaking your resume or cover letter. Perhaps you may want to read self-help books — they can help you turn letdowns into ambitions.

One Last Thought

If stress and anxiety are taking a toll on you, do your best not to allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Instead, with each challenge, choose to feel invigorated. It will help you Improve as you continue your search.

It all boils down to your perception.

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