Job Search Tips: Prioritize Opportunity Over Salary

Job Search Tips Prioritize Opportunity Over SalaryFor a variety of reasons, it’s often best to choose career growth over financial benefits.

When job hunting, a lot of applicants are torn over whether they should choose a fulfilling career, or a job that comes with multiple perks. Ultimately, money shouldn’t be your main concern. If you’re focused on a job rather than a long-term career, then focus on jobs that will hone your skills and strengths.

If you’re changing career paths and would like to start from the bottom, it’s better to choose a company that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Rather than concentrating on a salary offered today, have a long-term perspective when weighing decisions.

Here are some reasons why you might consider changing your career for new opportunities, rather than focusing strictly on money:

1. It’s good for your resume. A new role or career will be a great addition to your resume. It may appear odd at first, and the shift may require some explanation during interviews. However, take the opportunity to build and grow your new skillset. Be open to changes and allow yourself to learn from others as you shape your career.

Be optimistic! Starting from the bottom can give you a genuine advantage in terms of experience and perspective if you want to move up within a company.

2. It helps grow your network. A new career means gaining new connections, and creating new professional relationships through your colleagues, clients and other people you’ll meet. That can lead to more surprises, and possible changes. Once you know how to take care of your new network, you’ll be able to find more job opportunities that can help you utilize your skills at a whole new level.

3. It helps you gain new skills. When you give yourself a chance at a different career path, It’s your time to develop new skills. Don’t limit yourself to a common skillset. (In the new economy, people need to adapt.) Prove yourself wrong when doubt creeps in. Learn new tools that can be a great bonus on your resume.

A higher salary shouldn’t be your focus when it comes to job hunting. Look instead for opportunities and shift your perspective when tackling life-changing decisions. Organize your priorities, find out what’s important to your career growth, and determine how you can best achieve your goals one step at a time.

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