How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job Twitter may be an underdog when it comes to job search success; however, knowing how to use this powerful tool to your advantage in 140 characters or less can make the difference in your quest to reach your employment goals.


How can Twitter be so effective? Since people are always on the go, sending a tweet can be much easier in certain situations than posting a lengthy comment on other social media platforms, and brevity can lead to more connections and faster communication.

Believe it or not, you can use Twitter to find hidden job leads, for networking, to research companies and prepare for interviews, and build your personal brand at the same time.

Identifying Job Leads

You can use Twitter to identify job leads by following people and organizations in the field that you’d like to work for. These companies will often tweet opportunities even before jobs are publicly posted. You can use this platform to stay abreast of recent updates from companies.

Don’t forget to follow the employees of the companies you are interested in working for as well. They are your best source of inside information when it comes to hiring.

If you can, try to join a conversation when it contains something related to your industry. Retweet, offer words of wisdom, get to know people, have a small discussion, and interact. This will all helpto establish a steady flow of followers.

Take advantage of hashtags to find job opportunities more easily. These are some of the hashtags you can use when looking for a job:


#Now Hiring









Twitter for Networking

Be someone worth following to gain more followers in a short span of time. Make sure you share tips, industry news, and answer industry-related questions. Take some time toshare valuable links that will help others.

It doesn’t hurt to drop job-related jokes as long as they aren’t offensive. Humor is also a great way to keep your followers interested in your tweets. Be careful of following spammers who will fill up your feed with links to their products and services. If this happens, unfollow them and report the accounts immediately.

Twitter shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to looking for a job. You never know who you’ll come across, and your Twitter feed could actually open up an opportunity to boost your career.

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