How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to Score an Interview

How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to Score an InterviewFind out how to highlight the words and phrases in your resume to give more attention to your field and skills.

When it comes to drafting a resume, keywords are crucial. When used effectively, the right keywords can help you score an interview and the job you’ve been looking for.

Keywords can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to choose and apply the right keywords. As a place to start (and focus), they can be found in the job description. Keywords in job descriptions are related to your field, skills and experience.

Here are some tips to use keywords effectively:

1. Use Jargon

Consider industry speak when writing a resume, cover letter, or developing your LinkedIn profile. Appropriately used jargon can help your application be found by recruiters easily. Just be careful not to use terms that are especially obscure that could make it difficult for your information to be understood by those working outside of your field. Look for common keywords related to your profession and use them wisely in your resume and on LinkedIn.

2. List Skills Used in Your Job

What do you do in your job on a regular basis? Answer this question by considering your job description. Then, evaluate all the skills needed related to your position. Use your skill set in your documents to summarize what the job entails, and what you can offer the company with your experience.

3. Evaluate the Job Description

Read job descriptions carefully and highlight all important keywords and phrases as you go along. When drafting your resume and cover letter, don’t use clichés without providing supporting evidence. Give examples from your previous work where specific skill sets were put to good use.

4. Extract Keywords

You can use or to find popular keywords in your documents, and those that are used less often.

You’ll need a good amount of keywords in your resume in order to get through an applicant tracking system. Using just a handful of keywords won’t do if you want to score an interview. Prove that you have the skills you’ve listed by discussing your accomplishments and how you will be a great asset to the company.

Knowing how to tailor your resumes and cover letters to get past ATS systems will give you more opportunities to demonstrate to employers why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

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