How to Stay True to Yourself During Your Job Search

How to Stay True to Yourself During Your Job Search Think about who you are and the goals you want to accomplish to achieve success.

To become an appealing candidate, you must look for a position you’re really interested in. Accepting any offer just to get a job will force you to behave as someone you’re not, and will make you a less appealing candidate to employers.

When it comes to being yourself in interviews, you first have to tell the truth and be honest in your resume. Here are some tips to help:

Hone your story. Hiring managers are too busy to explore everything in your resume. You have to know how to cut to the chase. Highlight your skills and experiences. Illustrate in your resume who you are, and what you are passionate about in just a few sentences. Don’t include any unnecessary information or filler.

Ask help from a mentor to guide you. Feel free to reach out to others who can give you a helping hand as you refine your resume — one that will get you an interview. And when that interview becomes available, practice to make sure you’re ready. Going through interview questions and potential responses will help control any nerves that can get in the way of showing who you are.

Stay true to your own moral compass. Before applying for a job, check the company’s track record. Your reputation will be tied with the company once you’ve decided to work for them. And that’s just one reason why it’s important to research any and all companies you’re interested in working for.

You can get to know a company by reading news online, including any info on social media platforms. You can read comments, and reach out to people who once worked for the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if former employees are willing to engage in a conversation.

Stay true to your aspirations. To get ahead in the workplace, you must learn the art of climbing the ladder. Don’t allow yourself to sabotage the work of others to your own benefit (intentionally or unintentionally). Treat others fairly and with kindness, and be willing to acknowledge what part your co-workers play in your successes.

Being true to yourself in your resumes and job interviews will help you display your passion and willingness to take on the job, and will show others the core of who you are.

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Alan Carniol

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