How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out

How to Sell Yourself Without Selling OutEveryone who has been in at least one interview knows that it’s all about how well you sell yourself, will determine whether or not they decide to hire you or not.

However there’s fine line between selling yourself and selling out.

Selling Out

Selling out is when you’re desperate to get the job and will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if that means that you tell the interviewer what they want to hear even though you are job a good fit as a candidate and will not be able effectively help them and solve the problems they have in the first place.

Selling Yourself

This is the ultimate goal of any interview, to show the interviewer that you are the best candidate that can help them get the results they need and solve the problems they have. There’s nothing wrong about selling yourself, no matter what everybody else may have told you.

The interview is your chance to show them you are a cut above everyone else and you are just taking advantage of the opportunity. You are the in the interview to give them a valid and authentic reason to hire you. And that’s because you have the necessary skills and experience needed and a perfect fit to what they’re looking for.

How would they know you are that person without selling yourself?

This is where you draw that line.

And that's the reason why the very first we do together at the start of Interview Success Formula program is a deep-dive inventory of all the "soft skills", signature strengths, and assets you bring to the table.

Many of these are assets you probably don't yet realize you can offer. You're so close to them, you can't see them or appreciate how valuable they are.                              

However, they form the backbone of your "go to" interview answers.

And you can't sell yourself with all your heart until you're clear about what your core strengths as a candidate are -- and can put them into words.

Because your interview answers need to communicate these strengths.

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Alan Carniol

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