How to Respond to Situations That Catch Job Seekers Off Guard

How to Respond to Situations That Catch Job Seekers Off GuardDon’t let your jaw drop during the interview. Here’s how to keep from crumbling and project a professional image no matter what the circumstances.

As a job seeker, you must always prepare yourself for the unexpected. To help, here are some unfamiliar situations you may encounter during a job interview:

1. You have been scheduled for a video interview. This request may seem out of the ordinary, but some companies have already begun using this tool. They use video interviewing to save time and money, and hiring managers can check the potential applicants on their own time. At the same time, it’s easier to share video interviews with other managers to help evaluate and make a decision.

There are many tools and programs that can be used for video interviews. If you’ve agreed to use Skype, make sure you’re familiar with how to use it. Make sure to follow instructions provided on how the interview will work. Of course, dress up as if you’re actually going to an interview. Look for a silent location without any interruptions.

2. Taking a personality assessment test. Since companies look for employees that will fit the company’s culture, it’s reasonable for them to ask applicants to take personality assessment tests. You may find it odd, but you have no choice but to take the test if you really want the job you’re applying for.

It is important not to overthink the questions you see in the tests. Go with your gut feeling or the first answer that comes up in your head.

3. Being interviewed with other candidates at the same time. This can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t feel confident in yourself. In a group interview, remember to sell your qualifications effectively to convince your potential employer that you’re the best fit for the job.

4. Asking for permission to run a credit check. You shouldn’t find this unusual, especially if the work you are applying for has something to do with access to other people’s funds. This is a chance for companies to evaluate how you manage your personal finances. Only provide permission to run your credit history if you have been offered a job.

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Alan Carniol

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