How to Reset Your Career the Right Way

How to Reset Your Career the Right WayAre you planning to do something different with your career next year? Even if you’re not changing companies or switching jobs, you need to evaluate how to reset your career.

In order to keep your drive in your career, you need to make sure you’re still happy with what you’re doing and achieving. Set goals, and achieve them one by one.

Below are some tips on how to reset your career the right way:

1. Evaluate your values and priorities. What is most important to you? What helps you keep going in your career? Knowing what you really want to do makes it easier to handle difficult situations at work. You may want to jot your wants down on a piece of paper. Do you want more flexible hours? How about working from home? Don’t compromise, and know what you want so that you can focus on a job you’ll truly value.

2. Never stop learning. It’s important to update your skills and knowledge. Keep up with the trends and get to know more about companies in your industry. You can sign up for training if you feel like learning a new skill. Don’t just be content—You can be so much more if you open doors and learn new things related to your job.

3. Reach out to your network. Do you have a target company in mind? If so, do you know someone from the inside who can help to increase your chances of getting called in for an interview? Consider attending corporate events that include the managers of the company you’re interested in. Always strive to squeeze networking time into your busy schedule.

4. Do not over-commit. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes. Don’t try to please others by being a pushover. It’s okay not to take on more work if you think you have more than enough for yourself. This decision will help you enjoy your work life more and will reduce stress and anxiety.

Make it a habit to improve your productivity every single day. For a true career reset, stick to new habits and evaluate the results.

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Alan Carniol

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