How to Network Your Way to Success

How to Network Your Way to SuccessLearn how to build your network and grow professional relationships the right way.

Do you know how to network effectively? Networking should always be a priority if your goal is to advance your career. Who you know counts, especially if they see you in a positive light.

Though meeting new people may be difficult, it’s important to make the effort to build your network over time.

Here are some tips on how to build your network effectively:

1. LinkedIn. Maximize the use of this social media platform. It is an effective tool to meet new people in your chosen field of expertise.

When inviting people, you can always use a personal message instead of the default boilerplate message LinkedIn uses.

It’s better to interact with people in your network from the start and get to know them, rather than asking them for a favor the first time you meet them.

2. Networking professionally. Don’t limit yourself to the Internet. Get yourself out there and attend meetups, lectures, seminars, conferences and the like to meet more people in your industry.

Getting to know more people with the same interests and field of work will help you build your network and may eventually bring a new job opportunity in the future.

3. Small talk. Learn the art of getting a conversation going. You can do this by asking open-ended questions. Feel free to share your insights and ask about some things you may have in common.

It’s always nice to talk to people with the same interests, especially if you belong to the same circle. Don’t forget to follow up after a meeting by sending a short email saying how you appreciated getting to know them.

4. Know how to listen. When talking to new people, don’t forget to listen to what they have to say. Don’t talk endlessly about yourself. Remember that networking requires both talking and listening. And good conversation can allow us all to learn something new.

Networking is an important part of your career success. You never know when one of your contacts could help pave the way for a job opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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