How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile in Less Than an Hour

Improve your LinkedIn Profile Believe it or not, you can boost your LinkedIn Profile into a recruiter magnet in a matter of minutes. Here’s how.

For those who haven’t signed up for a LinkedIn profile yet, it’s probably time to do so. Today LinkedIn considered the top social network when it comes to hiring. It is often used to search for and contact candidates, and it helps recruiters keep tabs on other potential candidates.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile properly is just as important as writing a strong resume. Here are five major elements to consider when creating your LinkedIn profile.

Picture. It is important to have a picture posted on your profile since recruiters spend an average of 10 percent of their time looking at candidates’ pictures on LinkedIn. If you don’t have one posted, it is easier to dismiss your profile.

If you don’t have a professional photo, pick an image of yourself without a distracting background. Don’t pick a photo that’s taken from a distance. If you don’t have a good photo, feel free to take a new one and upload it.

Headline. Aside from your picture, your headline is the first thing recruiters and connections will read. Think of a headline that contains your unique professional description. You have 120 characters to pull it off; avoid a generic description if you don’t want to be rejected right away.

To create a strong headline, you can search for people on LinkedIn who are in the same industry. Look for common keywords and construct your headline accordingly.

Summary. This is another part of your profile that is essential. Highlight your background, major accomplishments, goals and skills. It is best to make it personal by writing it in first person. You can use up to 2,000 characters.

It is best to tell a short story of why you love what you do in order to stand out. Using only professional-speak may cause the recruiter to jump to the next candidate. Use important keywords since it will help you get found by recruiters when they conduct a search online.

Publications. It is more convenient to add links to your publications since recruiters can easily click them online. If no links are available, you can just write the name and the publication date. Include your interviewers, podcasts, videos and other material related to your volunteer and professional work.

Recommendations. When asking for a recommendation, make sure to use a personal note instead of using what LinkedIn provides. Doing this makes it easier for people to give you positive recommendations.

Tweaking your LinkedIn profile with these five elements should help you boost your online presence to secure a job.

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Alan Carniol

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